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What type of material should you use for your railing

What type of material should you use for your railing

What type of material should you use for your railing

Railing is something that you need to consider important since it is used as a protective barrier on decks, terrace and home porch galleries. As essential the patterns, designs, and colours are for the looks, the material is highly imperative when it comes to protection and security.

So, which type of material should you use for your home railing systems?

Let us find out


This is the classic traditional choice for railing which can never go out of fashion. It looks very stylish and poised. People have been using woods in their houses for centuries, so we won’t be wrong when we say wood is a really strong material and one of the most popular choices for decks. It is also very affordable and can easily be molded in various designs and patterns. Wood is also very versatile because it can also be carved for self designs.

However, it is a bit high maintenance and can rot if the quality is not good or comes frequently in contact with liquids.


Another popular metal for railing is aluminium. Its tensile strength makes it quite durable. If you are not convinced, why not check out aluminium railing systems in Delhi NCR. Unlike wood, aluminium will not rot with time, instead it is very low maintenance. But on a similar note, aluminium is lightweight like wood.

The only negative aspect of this is you might struggle a little bit if you are looking for lighter shades.


Compared to wood and aluminium, steel is a bit heavier metal. You can get it in various forms, designs and even colours. You can use stainless steel for durability or to protect from damage you can put protection coatings on it. From the point of view of strength, steel would be an ideal choice for your gallery, especially if you live on an upper floor.

The only concern is that it can rust with time even if it is the best quality steel.

Stones Work

A lot of people these days are using stones in their homes because they are environment friendly and give a very contemporary yet very soothing look to your house. People and the architects are often seen experimenting with their railings by pairing up stonework with other material like steel. The best part of stone is that it is strongest of all and it is not at all easy to break or damage a stone. Above all else, it is super low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about rusting or rotting like other material.

The only concern with stone is that it can not be paired up with wood because of their opposite qualities.

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