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Types Of Bathroom Glasses For Bathroom Cubicles -

Types Of Bathroom Glasses For Bathroom Cubicles

Glass without any second thoughts is one of the most stylish and popular elements that can be used in almost any given space. They are one of the most premium and preferred elements that designers use in all parts of the house, especially bathrooms. Though most of the time glass partitions are associated with providing styles, however when they are use to manufacture bathroom cubicles.

Bathroom cubicles in Delhi NCR came into fashion with the help of the expensive hotel chains where they had these bathroom cubicles installed in their rooms. Slowly and gradually the trend of bathroom cubicles started getting practise in homes, offices, malls etc.

The glass used in bathroom cubicle in Delhi NCR is best manufactured by Satkartar Glass.

In this article, we will discuss the different kinds of bathroom cubicles that you can use in your bathroom.


Single Shower bathroom cubicle:-

This one is for the people who prefer simplicity over everything. Using a single shower bathroom cubicle is one of the best bathroom cubicle designs that you can use at your place. Depending upon your choice, you can limit the partition to just one single slab of high-quality glass to particularly allot only that area for your shower.

Double Shower bathroom cubicle:-

This one is prefer if you are looking forward to achieving an enclosed experience in the shower area of your bathroom. This one is worth investing in as you can leave the front open, and also include mats to add to the comfort level.

See-through glass shower bathroom cubicle:-

These are categorised as the most modern. If you are one of those people who prefer having a contemporary bathroom cubicle in your bathroom, then this one is the right choice for you.

Frosted glass shower bathroom cubicle:-

Some people choose frosted glass to be use in bathroom cubicles. This one is an ideal choice for those people for whom privacy comes first. This one is opposite to the see-through look but is very much in trend. People who are a fan of achieving that sophisticated look mostly prefer this.

Small-sized glass shower bathroom cubicle:-

This works well if the space is a constraint in your bathroom area. Using this kind of bathroom cubicle can help you manage your space very well. Using this particular bathroom cubicle will also help you provide more space for adding other essential bathroom furniture.

Corner glass shower bathroom cubicle:-

For all those people, who want to add a dash of uniqueness to their bathroom, adding a corner glass shower bathroom cubicle is the best way. Depending upon your requirement and choice, you can decide if you want a round, square or rectangular design of the corner glass.

Sliding bathroom glass bathroom cubicle:-

This one’s meant to provide you with quick access. With sliding bathroom cubicles, you can never go wrong. With these kinds of bathroom cubicles, you can use various kinds of steel frames. Adding steel frames will help you achieve a great overall look of the bathroom, as these frames will add metallic tint.

Glass shower cubicles with aluminium frames:-

You can also play around with the design of your bathroom cubicle, using these aluminium frames. Some other very popular examples of these aluminium frames are bronze, steel, chrome etc.


Bathroom cubicles are the best thing you can install in your bathrooms. They are the most effective structure to provide your bathroom with that lavish look. Bathroom cubicles in Delhi NCR are best manufacture by Satkartar Glass Solutions.


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