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Sensor Operated Sliding Door - Satkartar Glass Solution

Sensor Operated Sliding Door



Automatic Doors are popular since the late 1950s.Today they are also in demand due to its convenience and operation. Automatic doors has many benefits such as power saving, Hygenic, no barriers etc. These doors are mainly used in crowded & commercial places like malls, hotels and other public facilities. Automatic doors are multipurpose and allow everyone to enter and exit easily. Another best feature of these door is that they are very economical and helps in energy saving. It also maintains the healthy surroundings by not allowing dust & dirt to enter.

Satkartar Glass Solutions is a leading Automatic sensor door application provider in India. We provide the solution for commercial as well as for residential. With the experience of more than 5 decades we deliver best in market. To know more about the product. Visit our showroom and can see the samples.

The system accommodates tempered, laminated, low iron and LCD glazing, and may also be of a straight, angled or curved configuration. LCD, pivot, sliding and hinged doors may be installed. Wood and glass doors (single glazed and double glazed) are all compatible within the free standing system. The fittings may be of an aluminum finish, standard RAL color (Jet Black, Silver, Grey or White) or a custom RAL color.


Technical Data

  1. Controlled by motion sensor
  2. Compact & Unique Designs
  3. Multi Function Controller
  4. User Friendly
  5. Smooth Operation
  6. Budget Friendly
  1. Energy Saving
  2. Less cooling and heating cost
  3. Automatic closure & opening
  4. Convenient
  5. Hygenic
  6. Barrier free
  7. Eco Friendly

1. Can these doors be used for residential purpose?

Yes these doors system can be used for residential use also. Some people use it as a kitchen entry door so that you don’t need to push or pull the door while carrying a tray in hand

2. Are they safe to install these door systems?

Yes the system is safe to install.

3. Is customization available in automatic sensor door?

Yes we can customise the size of glass and glass type(plain/tinted/decorative)

4. Are they pocket friendly?

Yes they are pocket friendly.

5. How to maintain these door systems?

Many brands charge a very nominal AMC while helps in maintanence

6. Do you provide this system with installation?

Yes we have the service starting from manufacturing, procuring and installation also.

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