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How to take care of your glass installations ? - Satkartar Glass Solution

How to take care of your glass installations ?

Hot water etching, drizzle stains, scratches are some of the common problems that we face from time to time with our glass installations such as glass partitions, shower glass, balcony railings, staircase railings, mirrors etc. With the passage of time these glass installations develop stains, scratches etc. Well, we say Satkartar Glasses are known to provide you with all kinds of glass products and services. Hence, we would like to introduce you to a wonderful concept using which you can keep your glass installations just brand new even after years of using them. Also, this technique would keep you away from all kinds of stains and scratches.

Glass polishing is one of the amazing techniques to get you glass crystal clear again. It’s not the same as wall paint polishing. It involves things like rayon pads, making some microfibre cuts. These are particularly helpful for those glasses which are mostly exposed to oil and water like our shower enclosures, kitchen partitions. In order to polish the glass you can simply use some easily available foaming glass cleaner. Use of this foaming cleaner will help loosen up any abrasive particles and it’s also going to make it easier for you to clean it. Apply it on the glass surface, spread it and clean it with the rayon pads and then you can use multilayers of a  clean muslin cloth to wipe it clean. Using the second layer of any soft towel or muslin cloth will help you to wipe out the excess of residue on the inside of the glass. This will give you a perfect clarity and factory shine.

Apart from trying the above mentioned conventional method of cleaning the glass, you can also apply the glass cleaner directly on the towel. This will help you cover the corners and small crevices which are the hardest areas to get covered.

Next, you can also make use of a clay block and clay luber and spray it directly on the surface. This will create lubrication on the surface and will help you clean any deep stuck impurities or contaminants that can give a rough feel and rough look. Initially, when you start using this clay block and clay luber, it will feel rough on the surface. However, soon after the impurities start to go out it’s going to get nice and smooth and slide across the surface.

These are some of the easiest methods that you can use to give a perfect cleaning to our glass railings, balconies, shower enclosures, partitions etc.


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