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How to keep your bathroom hygienic? - Satkartar Glass Solution

How to keep your bathroom hygienic?

A bathroom is one of the most vital and indispensable parts of your house. This is one of those places, which you can completely depend upon to keep yourself clean and hygienic. But, this particular statement holds, only if the bathroom itself is clean. An unclean bathroom can cause a lot of health issues. An unclean bathroom can cause many diseases such as gut infections, lung and skin infections as well as viral infections.

Looking at the kind of health risks that an unclean bathroom can give, it is very important to learn how to keep your bathroom clean. In this article, we will learn that apart from installing the bathroom cubicle, what are some of the other ways to keep your bathroom hygienic and clean. To begin with, of course, you can start by choosing bathroom cubicles in Delhi, which are manufactured by Satkartar Glass Solutions.


Keep it clutter-free:-

This is the golden rule to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. Anything and everything that you do not need in the bathroom, just get rid of it. It can include your extra bundle of clothes, extra buckets, empty soap dispensers etc. But, this should not be a one-day activity, it needs to be done regularly. The trash should not get accumulated. This will also help you to ensure that the bathroom smells fresh.


Cleaning the toilet seat:-

Once you have removed everything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom, then you can move on to cleaning the toilet bowl. In this case, it is required to know how to clean toilet stains. You can start by getting a great quality toilet bowl cleaner and using it. After making sure that it has sat for five minutes, scrub it well using a toilet brush. And flush the toilet once and you now reach the last step. Post this, you need a good disinfectant and spray it on the flush handle and toilet seat.


Pro tip:- Once the toilet brush dries up, clean it as well using some disinfectant. You can also use an anti-germ coating which restricts the prevention of the formation of bacteria.


How to clean the bathroom floor?

Post cleaning the toilet, it is also very important to clean the bathroom floor, as this is the area where most of the moisture content is present, and hence the chances of the development of bacteria are the maximum. While cleaning the bathroom floor, always make sure that you start with the last corner, and keep moving towards the door of the bathroom. While mopping and dusting the bathroom floor, make sure you also remove all cobwebs along the corner walls. If you want, you can also use a vacuum cleaner, in the end, to make sure that the bathroom floor is completely dry.


How to keep the shower clean?

The initial step, in this case, involves removing the showerhead from its place. If you do not clean the shower regularly, then a lot of accumulation of hard water can happen within the shower. But, this can be easily fixed just by using some DIY cleaning steps. For example, you can put the showerhead in a box filled with vinegar and then soak it overnight to fix this problem.



Using the above-mentioned steps apart from bathroom cubicles to keep your bathroom space clean is very important. And will help you to completely eradicate the chances of any diseases associated with an unclean bathroom. To start with, you can purchase bathroom cubicles in Delhi, from Satkartar Glass and enjoy using a clean bathroom.


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