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Framed – Swing Partition & Door



Framed Swing Doors and partition system adds a lot of style and uniqueness in your interior. Since these days decorative glass is out of vogue and plain simple frameless glass partition looks very bland so this comes as a solution to those who want some value addition or extra look of luxury.

They are easy to assemble and affordable and can be customized as per the requirement. These can be installed in your commercial, Residential and hospitality building to give a luxury feel.

These system are easy to operate and durable. You get to choose many colour and finish options to match up your interiors. We are one of the leading Framed Swing Door & Partition providers in India. To get more details kindly visit our showroom or talk to our experts today.


Technical Data

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  • Make of profile is Aluminium
  • Make of hardware is Aluminium
  • Multiple colour finishes
  • Multiple sizes of profiles are available
  • Profiles are very sleek
  1. Trendy
  2. Added aesthetical feel
  3. Demountable
  4. Better sound insulation
  5. Better heat insulation

1. What are the application areas of such profiles?

These partitions can be installed anywhere and everywhere like cabins offices, shop fronts in retail spaces, drawing room and dining area partition in villas or apartment etc.

2. What are the sizes of profiles for fixed glass?

The profiles are available in different sizes such as

25×25, 25×45, 25×75, 25×100 and 25×100 double glazed

3. What are the different types of door you can install with such profiles?

We can install multiple door options with these profiles such as:-

Floor spring option, side hinge hinged option, top and bottom pivot hinged option and style door option

4. What are the different finishes and colours available in profiles?

The basic / standard finishes available in profiles are silver anodized, black anodized and mill finish. We can do different colours of anodized and powder coating finishes on mill finish as per need and requirement of the client

5. What is warranty of the hardware of such system?

The hardware warranty for such system is 1 year

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