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Framed Shower Enclosure Manufacturer in Delhi | Satkartar Glass

Framed Shower Enclosure Manufacturer in Delhi

Framed Shower Enclosure Manufacturer in Delhi

Framed Shower Enclosure Manufacturer in Delhi

Upgrading the bathroom look is always a need. With the changing trend, you can look forward to selecting and installing a shower enclosure that will give an upgraded look to your bathroom. If you have visited a hotel for accommodation, you will see most of the bathrooms also have a framed shower enclosure that gives rich look. Shower enclosure, is not just a cubicle, but also a protective glass wall against the splashing water. Framed glass enclosure manufacturers design them keeping the space and trend in mind. Moreover, a framed shower enclosure manufacturer in Delhi like Satkartar Glass Solutions design enclosures as per the need of every homeowner. Shower enclosures suit best for homes having a spacious bathroom. One of the best things about glass enclosures is they are easy to maintain, especially if it is a framed one.

Most problems that arise on the shower enclosures are the cause of water or soap. The paraffin wax, which is a common ingredient for soap, reacts with hard water and, thus leaves a residue on the surface of the bathroom. If you take a clean look residue, it will seem like scum. It may not be noticeable after the first shower, but the residue gradually builds upon after several showers. Now, considering this problem, it is not possible for us to stay away from bathing, therefore, as a rule of thumb, consider taking care of the enclosure doors to prevent the formation of scales. One of the best options is to hire a framed shower enclosure manufacturer like Satkartar Glass Solutions as they can assist with the right technique and cleaning methods.

What keeps Shower Enclosure Dirty?

There are many reasons, but the major reason is the hard water carrying calcium and magnesium meeting limestone or chalk deposits. When this hard water comes in contact with soap, it leaves stains on the glass door. If the soap scum stays for long, then it can turn harmful to the glass, bringing down its aesthetic look. So washing the area regularly is the best way to keep the enclosure look great.

Installing a shower enclosure is the best thing because it raises the value of the home, more importantly, the look of the bathroom space. Let us have a look at some tips to clean the framed glass shower enclosure:

  • Framed Shower Enclosure Cleaning Task-

Hard water and soapy buildup accumulating on the glass shower surface can lead to etching and glass damage. In case, you find the glass shower quite cloudy then soapy build-up is the main culprit. Regular cleaning cannot result in this buildup and will not reverse etching. You can use the microfiber cloth with other cleaning liquid to clean the shower enclosure on a regular basis.

  • Using the Squeeze method

You cannot spend hours on cleaning the shower enclosure. Therefore, you will need short ideas and tools that can make the process faster and easier. Therefore, the best is to use a squeeze method. You can keep the glass shower enclosure clean by using the squeeze and water post-shower. The entire process will hardly take 10 mins of your time. During the squeeze method, ensure, you run the water down the glass as you pull. You will also need a backup of a squeeze in case the rubber is damaged.

  • Vinegar and Water-

The most effective and inexpensive way to clean the framed shower enclosure is that you just need to mix one part of white vinegar along with three parts of distilled water and put the mixture into a spray bottle so you can store the solution easily. Now spray the water and vinegar onto the glass for a few minutes. In case, it looks dry, sprays more solution. Rinse the solution using warm and distilled water, then clean the glass using a paper towel.

  • Magic of Ammonia

Ammonia is also useful when it comes to removing stains from the enclosed shower door. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves when removing stains from the glass shower enclosure. It helps to keep your skin safe. In addition, never mix ammonia with bleach as it will create dangerous vapors. Take three parts of water with one part of ammonia and mix it in a spray bottle. Before applying the mixture, make sure that the surface is damp. The mixture must be applied with a brush and should be rinsed thoroughly until the surface becomes dry enough.

How to Get Rid Of Soap Scum?

The pristine condition of the glass finish often gets distracted with soap scum. To keep this away, simply take a sponge and soak it in a bowl of white vinegar. Gently wipe the door in a single direction so that the accumulated scum loosen up from the surface. After applying vinegar, leave it for five minutes; wash the residue away with warm water. This process is also useful in terms of rust, calcium, and lime deposits that are commonly seen on the aluminum doorframe. Consider wearing a glove when applying vinegar as the acid may harm your skin. You should be prepared for the strong smell of vinegar but don’t worry; the odor will fade away eventually.

Cleaning up the shower enclosure requires enough time and patience. If you are backed by the right cleaning solution, then installing the same is the best way. Proper maintenance is what you need to consider keeping the enclosure look great for the long term.  If you have made up the decision to install the enclosure, then check out with Satkartar Glass Solution, the leading framed shower enclosure manufacturer in Delhi  



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