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Folding Sliding Wall - Satkartar Glass Solution

Folding Sliding Wall



They are ideal for straight line system configuration. Folding Sliding system can be opened quickly and parked at the opening, it saves space.

These windows can be opened both the side like inward or outward. They come with variety of frames like wooden, aluminium and also with the different glass thickness.

These sliding systems can be installed easily in existing or new building. We provide all the solution for folding sliding system. We have many options available when it comes to customization.

You can also visit our showroom to have a look of the samples where our experts will guide you as per the requirement. We provide the solution for both residential and commercial purpose.  


Technical Data

  • Compact design
  • Can framed or frameless
  • Used for interior and exterior purpose
  • Panels are connected with high hinge system
  • Easy to operate
  1. Better Space Utilisation
  2. Safe and hygienic
  3. User Friendly
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Allows natural light

1. Is it safe to install these doors or partition at home?

Yes, they are safe to install at any location be it your office or home.

2. Can we customize them as per our requirements?

Yes you can customize them as per your need.

3. What will be the maximum width of the panel?

The maximum panel size is 1000mm

4. What would be the height of the panels?

The maximum panel size in height is 3000mm

5. What will be the thickness of the glass?

10mm or 12mm thick glass is compatible for such system

6. Do you provide the installation and what is the life of the product.

Yes we provide installation services for such system on Pan India level. Warranty of such product is 1 year

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