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Backlit Mirror - Satkartar Glass Solution

Backlit Mirror



Mirrors are essential part of our lives and we see them everywhere, our vanity, our dressing room, lobby consoles, etc. We feel good once we look at a beautiful mirror and it also enhances our look. Well backlit mirrors plays the same role for that feel good factor. Other than the added aesthetic features there are many other reasons also to install a backlit mirror.

Backlit mirrors won’t cast shadows on you because they emit an even amount of light all around you. This makes them great for applying makeup, shaving, or styling your hair because it allows you to see yourself clearly without the shadows cast by traditional overhead lighting

They also illuminate the space without creating the harsh shadows we’ve come to expect from our everyday lights.

By using light behind the mirror, it essentially makes the mirror stand out and come off the wall, creating a layer of depth. Mirrors that are part of a cabinet help to create depth in the bathroom too.


Technical Data

  • Touch sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Defogger
  • Design customization is possible
  1. They Make You Look Good
  2. Create A Sense Of Depth
  3. They’re Energy Efficient
  4. They’re An Even Source of Lighting
  5. They Look Nice

1. What quality of mirror is used?

We use 5mm thick extra clear mirror to make our backlit mirror

2. What is the price range of such product?

These mirror starts from Rs.550/- psf depending on the extra features and added processing

3. What is the maximum size you can make for such mirrors?

The maximum size we can make is 7feet x 10 feet

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