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How to keep your bathroom hygienic?

A bathroom is one of the most vital and indispensable parts of your house. This is one of those places, which you can completely depend upon to keep yourself clean and hygienic. But, this particular statement holds, only if the bathroom itself is clean. An unclean bathroom can cause a lot of health issues. An unclean bathroom can cause many diseases such as gut infections, lung and skin infections as well as viral infections.

Looking at the kind of health risks that an unclean bathroom can give, it is very important to learn how to keep your bathroom clean. In this article, we will learn that apart from installing the bathroom cubicle, what are some of the other ways to keep your bathroom hygienic and clean. To begin with, of course, you can start by choosing bathroom cubicles in Delhi, which are manufactured by Satkartar Glass Solutions.


Keep it clutter-free:-

This is the golden rule to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. Anything and everything that you do not need in the bathroom, just get rid of it. It can include your extra bundle of clothes, extra buckets, empty soap dispensers etc. But, this should not be a one-day activity, it needs to be done regularly. The trash should not get accumulated. This will also help you to ensure that the bathroom smells fresh.


Cleaning the toilet seat:-

Once you have removed everything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom, then you can move on to cleaning the toilet bowl. In this case, it is required to know how to clean toilet stains. You can start by getting a great quality toilet bowl cleaner and using it. After making sure that it has sat for five minutes, scrub it well using a toilet brush. And flush the toilet once and you now reach the last step. Post this, you need a good disinfectant and spray it on the flush handle and toilet seat.


Pro tip:- Once the toilet brush dries up, clean it as well using some disinfectant. You can also use an anti-germ coating which restricts the prevention of the formation of bacteria.


How to clean the bathroom floor?

Post cleaning the toilet, it is also very important to clean the bathroom floor, as this is the area where most of the moisture content is present, and hence the chances of the development of bacteria are the maximum. While cleaning the bathroom floor, always make sure that you start with the last corner, and keep moving towards the door of the bathroom. While mopping and dusting the bathroom floor, make sure you also remove all cobwebs along the corner walls. If you want, you can also use a vacuum cleaner, in the end, to make sure that the bathroom floor is completely dry.


How to keep the shower clean?

The initial step, in this case, involves removing the showerhead from its place. If you do not clean the shower regularly, then a lot of accumulation of hard water can happen within the shower. But, this can be easily fixed just by using some DIY cleaning steps. For example, you can put the showerhead in a box filled with vinegar and then soak it overnight to fix this problem.



Using the above-mentioned steps apart from bathroom cubicles to keep your bathroom space clean is very important. And will help you to completely eradicate the chances of any diseases associated with an unclean bathroom. To start with, you can purchase bathroom cubicles in Delhi, from Satkartar Glass and enjoy using a clean bathroom.

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Types Of Bathroom Glasses For Bathroom Cubicles

Glass without any second thoughts is one of the most stylish and popular elements that can be used in almost any given space. They are one of the most premium and preferred elements that designers use in all parts of the house, especially bathrooms. Though most of the time glass partitions are associated with providing styles, however when they are use to manufacture bathroom cubicles.

Bathroom cubicles in Delhi NCR came into fashion with the help of the expensive hotel chains where they had these bathroom cubicles installed in their rooms. Slowly and gradually the trend of bathroom cubicles started getting practise in homes, offices, malls etc.

The glass used in bathroom cubicle in Delhi NCR is best manufactured by Satkartar Glass.

In this article, we will discuss the different kinds of bathroom cubicles that you can use in your bathroom.


Single Shower bathroom cubicle:-

This one is for the people who prefer simplicity over everything. Using a single shower bathroom cubicle is one of the best bathroom cubicle designs that you can use at your place. Depending upon your choice, you can limit the partition to just one single slab of high-quality glass to particularly allot only that area for your shower.

Double Shower bathroom cubicle:-

This one is prefer if you are looking forward to achieving an enclosed experience in the shower area of your bathroom. This one is worth investing in as you can leave the front open, and also include mats to add to the comfort level.

See-through glass shower bathroom cubicle:-

These are categorised as the most modern. If you are one of those people who prefer having a contemporary bathroom cubicle in your bathroom, then this one is the right choice for you.

Frosted glass shower bathroom cubicle:-

Some people choose frosted glass to be use in bathroom cubicles. This one is an ideal choice for those people for whom privacy comes first. This one is opposite to the see-through look but is very much in trend. People who are a fan of achieving that sophisticated look mostly prefer this.

Small-sized glass shower bathroom cubicle:-

This works well if the space is a constraint in your bathroom area. Using this kind of bathroom cubicle can help you manage your space very well. Using this particular bathroom cubicle will also help you provide more space for adding other essential bathroom furniture.

Corner glass shower bathroom cubicle:-

For all those people, who want to add a dash of uniqueness to their bathroom, adding a corner glass shower bathroom cubicle is the best way. Depending upon your requirement and choice, you can decide if you want a round, square or rectangular design of the corner glass.

Sliding bathroom glass bathroom cubicle:-

This one’s meant to provide you with quick access. With sliding bathroom cubicles, you can never go wrong. With these kinds of bathroom cubicles, you can use various kinds of steel frames. Adding steel frames will help you achieve a great overall look of the bathroom, as these frames will add metallic tint.

Glass shower cubicles with aluminium frames:-

You can also play around with the design of your bathroom cubicle, using these aluminium frames. Some other very popular examples of these aluminium frames are bronze, steel, chrome etc.


Bathroom cubicles are the best thing you can install in your bathrooms. They are the most effective structure to provide your bathroom with that lavish look. Bathroom cubicles in Delhi NCR are best manufacture by Satkartar Glass Solutions.

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How to take care of your glass installations ?

Hot water etching, drizzle stains, scratches are some of the common problems that we face from time to time with our glass installations such as glass partitions, shower glass, balcony railings, staircase railings, mirrors etc. With the passage of time these glass installations develop stains, scratches etc. Well, we say Satkartar Glasses are known to provide you with all kinds of glass products and services. Hence, we would like to introduce you to a wonderful concept using which you can keep your glass installations just brand new even after years of using them. Also, this technique would keep you away from all kinds of stains and scratches.

Glass polishing is one of the amazing techniques to get you glass crystal clear again. It’s not the same as wall paint polishing. It involves things like rayon pads, making some microfibre cuts. These are particularly helpful for those glasses which are mostly exposed to oil and water like our shower enclosures, kitchen partitions. In order to polish the glass you can simply use some easily available foaming glass cleaner. Use of this foaming cleaner will help loosen up any abrasive particles and it’s also going to make it easier for you to clean it. Apply it on the glass surface, spread it and clean it with the rayon pads and then you can use multilayers of a  clean muslin cloth to wipe it clean. Using the second layer of any soft towel or muslin cloth will help you to wipe out the excess of residue on the inside of the glass. This will give you a perfect clarity and factory shine.

Apart from trying the above mentioned conventional method of cleaning the glass, you can also apply the glass cleaner directly on the towel. This will help you cover the corners and small crevices which are the hardest areas to get covered.

Next, you can also make use of a clay block and clay luber and spray it directly on the surface. This will create lubrication on the surface and will help you clean any deep stuck impurities or contaminants that can give a rough feel and rough look. Initially, when you start using this clay block and clay luber, it will feel rough on the surface. However, soon after the impurities start to go out it’s going to get nice and smooth and slide across the surface.

These are some of the easiest methods that you can use to give a perfect cleaning to our glass railings, balconies, shower enclosures, partitions etc.

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What type of material should you use for your railing

What type of material should you use for your railing

Railing is something that you need to consider important since it is used as a protective barrier on decks, terrace and home porch galleries. As essential the patterns, designs, and colours are for the looks, the material is highly imperative when it comes to protection and security.

So, which type of material should you use for your home railing systems?

Let us find out


This is the classic traditional choice for railing which can never go out of fashion. It looks very stylish and poised. People have been using woods in their houses for centuries, so we won’t be wrong when we say wood is a really strong material and one of the most popular choices for decks. It is also very affordable and can easily be molded in various designs and patterns. Wood is also very versatile because it can also be carved for self designs.

However, it is a bit high maintenance and can rot if the quality is not good or comes frequently in contact with liquids.


Another popular metal for railing is aluminium. Its tensile strength makes it quite durable. If you are not convinced, why not check out aluminium railing systems in Delhi NCR. Unlike wood, aluminium will not rot with time, instead it is very low maintenance. But on a similar note, aluminium is lightweight like wood.

The only negative aspect of this is you might struggle a little bit if you are looking for lighter shades.


Compared to wood and aluminium, steel is a bit heavier metal. You can get it in various forms, designs and even colours. You can use stainless steel for durability or to protect from damage you can put protection coatings on it. From the point of view of strength, steel would be an ideal choice for your gallery, especially if you live on an upper floor.

The only concern is that it can rust with time even if it is the best quality steel.

Stones Work

A lot of people these days are using stones in their homes because they are environment friendly and give a very contemporary yet very soothing look to your house. People and the architects are often seen experimenting with their railings by pairing up stonework with other material like steel. The best part of stone is that it is strongest of all and it is not at all easy to break or damage a stone. Above all else, it is super low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about rusting or rotting like other material.

The only concern with stone is that it can not be paired up with wood because of their opposite qualities.

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Framed Shower enclosures

The place which not only provides security, privacy and belongingness, but also shapes one’s personality and values, is none other than one’s home. It is where people from their busy world return with a sense of assurance that warmth and peace would be at service.

This is why all the components of an ideal home must be decided and chosen in a balanced manner. Especially, when it comes to the bathroom, the furniture must be such that can revitalise the soul and add cherishing experiences to one’s lives. When we talk about the bathroom, we cannot skip mentioning framed shower enclosure, which increases the value.

Shower of Rejuvenation

Taking showers is one of the first things that everyone takes and kicks start their days. The For this, the design of the bathroom and the aura of the shower space would contribute to the success of the experience. Due to paucity of time in today’s modern world, people prefer to take head baths or showers quickly and get ready for the day. For this exercise to take place effectively, one can opt for framed shower enclosures.

Enclosures of Relaxation

For furnishing bathrooms and thereby adding value to the homes, framed shower enclosure is the best choice. It is due to the clear fact that these would keep the place dry and will maintain a proper hygiene.

It would thus add elegance to the bathroom whereby one can opt for a curtain and even a shower door. Relaxation is achieved from the fact that these enclosures maintain the bathroom as dry, bacteria free and hygienic.

Added Advantage of a framed enclosure

Framed shower enclosure is easy to install and are much more affordable hence within the budget as compared with most of the frameless enclosures. There exists glass panel with metal frames having metal tops mounted against shower walls.

The glass used is thinner and gives multiple options for the sizes of the door that would be attached. There is hence, an endless possibility of customisation available. If having a plan of purchasing a home or renovating, framed enclosure would prove to be cost efficient since it costs less than two times the frameless enclosure.


These enclosures would be airtight and would be easy to clean as well. Hence, it would provide relief along with value to the consumer and his or home. If you are looking forward to install the shower enclosure at your bathroom space, then Satkartar Glass Solution is the one to connect for the best framed shower enclosure manufacturer in delhi. The company manufactures and installs the best quality shower enclosure for residential space & as well as for the hospitality industry.

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