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Aluminium Railing Systems in Delhi NCR by Satkartar Glass Solution

Aluminum Railings



Ever wondered how you can make your elevation look different from those which building which are already constructed or under-construction. Well you can experiment with too many products but one of them is your ”BALCONY RAILINGS” and “Staircase RAILINGS” by using our “ALUMINIUM RAILING sjabfjhabjjf auh

Aluminium Glass Railings gives an exotic & sophisticated look with clear vision. Our Aluminium Railings are weatherproof, rustproof and because of the high quality material they remain same in physical appearance for a minimum duration of 15 years.

 These railings can enhance the look of balconies, terraces and roof gardens. We have wide range of products available to choose from. The material used in these railings meets the industry standard and can be customized as per the client’s requirements.

Satkartar Glass Solutions is one of the leading Aluminium Railing manufacturers in India. We are one stop solution starting from manufacturing, processing and installing. Our team of experts can help you in providing the best solutions as per your requirements.

Modular Glass Railing System

Technical Data

  • Rust Free
  • Durable
  • Weld Free
  • Weatherproof

Application area

  •  Balcony
  • staircase
  1. Zero disturbance view (No vertical hardware is required)
  2. Zero vibration (Absolutely safe to use for any person from different age groups).
  3. You can match the color of your railings with your façade elements / windows.
  4. You can choose a comfortable handrail from a variety of Different designs.
  5. Your railing looks as new as on the first day till at least 15 years.

1. Can I customize the look of Aluminium Railing and what options you provide?

Yes, these railings can be customized as per the requirement. There are 15 bottom profiles and 12 handrail profiles to choose from, the color coating finishes are also unlimited.

2. What are the different finishes and shades you do for colour coating and what is the life of the same?

We Do 5 types of finishes






The life of these finishes is at least for 15 years

3. Are these railings easy to maintain?

Yes this is the best part of aluminium railings that maintenance is very low and can be maintained easily.

4. Are aluminum railings better than stainless steel railings?

Yes aluminum railings are any day better than stainless steel railings due to a lot of benefits and features mentioned above. It’s a better engineered product.

5. What is the minimum average landing price of such railings?

Well the costing of the product depends on a lot of factors like:

  • Handrail design
  • Bottom design
  • Glass height
  • Glass specification
  • Color finish

But the basic cost starts as low as 1200/- per running feet +delivery cost +taxes

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