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    Since the advent of the modern civilisation glasses have become such a product with which every person comes across many times a day. The S.K. group founded in the year 1963 has been providing glass solutions in almost every field. The present company was founded in the year 2007 with a new name Satkartar Aluminium fab. and a new analytical vision of providing innovative glass and aluminium concepts to our esteemed clients.

    We distinguish ourselves from our glass traders in terms of our quality of product and services. Through grueling efforts in R&D we have developed techniques and equipments for performing different processes in the decorative glass industry leading to the introduction of many new trends in the construction & interior designing business in India.

    Our group has been devoted to producing quality products of all types for over 47 years. The company can handle projects varying from one piece to thousands of pieces with the same dedication. Our designing staff works closely with our clients from initial concept evolution to final design. We welcome the opportunity to create a product for your particular style so that it promotes a lasting impression for anyone who views it.

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    What We Offer

    We offer a comprehensive yet exquisite assortment of decorative glasses item and other glass wares. These magnificent products can be availed from us in a variety of designs, sizes, colours and similar specifications, as per the tastes of our customers. We offer:

  • Our Products

    We offer wide range of customized glass products for interiors as well as exteriors. The magnificent products can be availed in a variety of sizes, designs, colours and specification according to the needs of various coustomers.
    Some of Our Concepts are divided into following categories-

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    Wall Panelling

    • You do not need a designer to get the designer's high-end look. let your imagination run loose and think big. instead of a poster, decals or wallpaper border, consider using a glass wall pannel. turn a dull bedroom into luxurious looking suite, a boring drawingroom into stunning family lounge or a gloomy wall into a stricking partiotion.

      Why should i choose glass wall panelling over other options:-
      1- Customize and Personalize:
      The wall pannels created by sgs are created after taking pricise measurements of your present can choose the patteren and the shape that fits your style and your needs. the option to personalize it 'your way' is sure to make your wall pannel one-of-a-kind!
      2- Easy and Affordable:
      A wallpannel is a great idea that can completely transform the look and feel of your room without changing any other aspect of the room like wall colour,furniture etc.
      3- Home or Office (Business):
      Wall panels are an ideal decorating option for any room. you can easily add style and creative flare for your home or office work areas. from living rooms, dining rooms and nurseries to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and retail stores.

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